Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal

A microsurgical vasectomy reversal is considered a very complex and delicate procedure. This procedure is performed by a board certified urologic surgeon. It is a surgery that is performed to reverse sterility that was caused by a vasectomy. With all the millions of men who have had the procedure of becoming sterile, approximately five to ten percent with later look to have a reversal procedure.

The surgery offers a greater success rate than does the more complex vasoepididymostomy. Along with all surgeries the price may vary depending on the state and practice that you will be going to. The procedure may take anywhere between two to five hours. Not to worry, you will be under either a general or regional anesthesia which typically adds to the time of the initial recovery period. As with the recovery time it does depend on the patient but normally takes about four weeks. During the recovery time process you can expect the first twenty four hours to remain on bed rest. And the next couple of days not to due any straining activities. Many doctors will advise you not to have intercourse for the first thirty days.

An important note to remember that fertility is not instantly restored after the procedure is performed. But about forty to seventy five percent of men who have had the procedure can expect to have the ability to father a child again. It could take several months to even a year. The first attempt may not be a success, with the second attempt is more possible than the first one.

As with any procedure that involves surgery there are risk and side affects. But they do not pose a high serious complications. And with any procedure to you will need to make an inform decision, but you will not expect to see results right away. A microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedure are considered safe in all aspects, but could pose low complications. With the right amount of rest and the use of an ice bag along with over the counter pain relievers you will be on the right track to a complete and complication free recovery.