Pregnancy After Vasectomy Reversal

It is possible to have a pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal in spite of the myths you might have heard. No matter how long it has been since you had the procedure or even how old you are it is completely possible to have a normal pregnancy. If a vasectomy reversal is successful it can lead to a natural conception, which is what most couples want in the first place. But as with any surgery it may not be effective the first time around.

Common myths tell us that you can’t have this procedure if it has been longer than ten years. This is not true, the success rate has increased dramatically with new technology that are available these days. This myth was based on old studies and research, making it out of date and completely wrong. The percentage rates have been showing that pregnancy rates for 15 to 19 year intervals are at 49 percent. Along with 20 to 25 years being at a rating of 39 percent, and even to 25 year intervals being at a great rating of 25 percent.

Another topic that always seem to be the talk when this procedure is mentioned is v that sperm is not present after a vasectomy and that you will not be able to get pregnant because of anti-sperm antibodies. This as well as the other myth is not true. Sperm is made in the testicle and shielded from the immune system so as for the antibodies, the body does not even know the sperm is there. Most patients will not have antibodies present in on their sperm. So there should be no problem when it comes to being able to conceive.

It is possible to have a normal pregnancy after vasectomy reversal, no matter what you have heard. The procedure actually pieces back together what was cut and blocked making it a high percentage rating when it comes to being able to father another child. This might not happen within the first couple of months and you may have to go through a second procedure. But in spite of everything you might have heard or saw not all of it will be true. The best solution is to ask all appropriate questions to your doctor, that way your mind is put at ease.