Recovery Time After A Reversal

The recovery time after a vasectomy reversal depends on the patient. Many factors can play a role in the time period, along with what kind of shape the patient is in to if their were any complications that happened during the procedure. Normally the recovery time takes about 4 weeks.

Recovery time starts when you enter into the recovery room, depending on what kind of anesthesia is used. The use of some of the sedation medicine can cause longer recovery time. This is because it will slow down the healing proces. Most specialist will use a general anesthetic for their comfort. But the procedure can be performed under regional, local, and spinal anesthetics. Which with these forms of sedation it will prolong your recovery time when it is compared to general sedation.

The first 24 hours after your procedure is very inportant and you can expect the doctor to tell you to stay in the bed. Antibiotics may or may not be prescribed to you depending on how your surgery went. But keep in mind you may have slight discomfort. It is possible to ease the pain with an ice pack and over the counter pain relievers. This will help put you on the right track when it comes to making a speed recovery.

As with any procedure you will have a follow up appointment, this is very important. And will test you sperm count along with making sure that everything is healing properly. At the time of this visit your sperm count may not be high, but keep in mind fertility will not happen instantly. After a few months to a year you will know if the procedure worked. Sometimes it is possible to have as doctors consider it as a re-do. Which basically means to have the procedure over again.

As for the recovery time after a reversal of a vasectomy, you will have a speedy recover time/ as long as no complications follow with the procedure. With the help of a traditional ice pack, a few pain relievers and a little bed rest you will be back to normal in no time.