Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

A lot of concerns seem to arise when the thought of a vasectomy reversal surgery is brought up. A life changing procedure that a lot of men have made in the past. As technology has advanced over the years you have a several more choices that was not available years ago. But when it comes to making sure you have the right procedure for you. The reversal techniques can be offered through laser, micro surgical or microscope procedures.

As with the microscope procedure there are only a few clinics that actually use this method. It use the latest innovative medical technology, and Zeiss OPMI surgical microscope to perform the reversal. Not only does it have a powerful magnification that is 1.5x up to 18x, but also have a xenon light source opposed to the typical halogen lamp. This gives the surgeon the best optical advantage that allows the most precise surgery that is available on the market today.

With the laser procedure, presently there is no accepted FDA approved technique that allows the ends of the vas to be brought back together with a laser. As you do research you find out that the laser does not bring the vas back together, but simply frees vas from surrounding tissue and aids to remove the vasectomy scar. It has question if the laser energy causes more damage to the vas tissue than a traditional scapula.

The reversal of a vasectomy sometimes has the ability to fail due to scarring at the surgery site
or incorrect suture placement. Also what can aid in the procedure not being affective is there could be a blockage in the epididymis. When this happens do not get discouraged, because the surgery can be re preformed by using proper techniques that can help produce better results. Making it possible to have a better success rate than ever before.

A vasectomy reversal surgery has become a very common procedure that is done as an out patient surgery. Whether the thought has come into thought due to remarriage or simply to have the ability to have more children. This could possibly be the most effective procedure that is available when it comes to being sterile again.