What Is A Vasoepididymostomy?

Most people have trouble pronouncing Vasoepididymostomy, let alone understanding what it means. We’ll use this term throughout our vasectomy reversal articles, so I figure it’s important for our readers to understand what it means. In a blatant defination, it’s a “microsurgical procedure¬†for the treatment of¬†epididymal obstruction.” It’s the most difficult of all male infertility procedures and demands a highly skilled micro surgeon for success.

What Is An Epididymal Obstruction

In a nutshell (no pun intended), the epididymis is a 20ft long coiled duct in your scrotum that collects sperm as it’s manufactured by your testes and holds them until they mature. For some men, epididymis will get blocked and this will prevent sperm from getting to the ejaculate. This can happen for a variety of reasons like injury or inflammation, and can lead to lowered (or zero) sperm count.

Fortunately, an epididymal obstruction is treatable and doesn’t mean you’re stuck with permenant infirtility. Numberous options are available, one of which is vasoepididymostomy micro surgery. We’ll look at an overview of what the procedure does without getting into all of the medical terminology, which is best left to your urologist to explain.

The Vasoepididymostomy Procedure

Several tests are done to determine where and why a blockage is occuring. Once the blockage is found, a passage is surgically created between the vas deferens and the epididymis in order to return the flow of sperm to your semen. There are a few ways to accomplish this, including “end-to-end” along with more traditional methods. Ask your urologist, or a male infertility specialist, which method is recommended for you.